We are Loan Shop India who provide you Financial solution

Loanshop India has been deeply rooted under the soil of trust, experience, and skills that helps in building ease of processing lucrative and low interest rated home loan for millions of people. We have successfully placed 1000s of dream home which were in the eyes of ambitious buyers seeking for luxurious yet affordable home/apartment in the heart of city. That is how we have grown up as a united family along with more than 3000s happy and satisfied clients. Since 2015, we have been achieving trust, support, and amazing rise in business with comprehensive and competitive rate.


Our History

Loan Shop India was founded in 2015 with the vision to help you achieving your dream home. For decades, before the inception of E-Commerce, we started researching the difficulties related to the customer wandering in the search of dream home. The idea of financial business was being developed with consumer loans by many other weird form existed financial services in India. Several elements of dedicated ideas were come into vision and helped in the organization of NCR’s leading spectrum of financial services. We have strong presence in financial and real estate sectors which will help in analyzing the risk factor and in the ease of doing home loan activity.

Our Mission

Loanshop India was first ideologically came into existence a decade before as an advisor of home/housing loan when there was a complex procedure of getting approval for such loan.. This was the time when there was no any E-Commerce company in market. People were struggling for need-oriented custom based home loans, which could be acting as a true advisor as well as a trusted provider. After years of research and audit, Mr. Raj Kapoor (The Founder, MD & CEO) played a key role in the foundation of this leading company in NCR which is now an emerging hub for multi-layered home loan advisor and provider.

Our Achivment

Loanshop India is truly an encapsulated form of speedy, handy, and affordable home/housing loan for the people having low, average, and high income group. The company has very fair and clear mission which ties each customer to be honestly & transparently treated for providing needed advice, home loan quote, and commitment for maximum loan on minimum expenditure. We neither allow dispute nor offer ambiguous activity. We at Loanshop India, always strive to be simple, convenient, and handy. More than these, we oath to have well defined hard & fast rules and criteria, to be remained punctual, trusted, and transparent.